Thursday, 17 March 2011

3rd year minor project

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I  was inspired to design something with clean, simple lines but aesthetically pleasing. After starting my concept generation I decided I wanted to design a piece of modern furniture that would fit into a contemporary living space. I settled on designing a free standing lamp, I wanted to create a lamp that lit up in a creative and interesting way, my final design allowed light to escape through the tower creating unique shadows and flows of light.

Fresh West external design brief

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For this Project we had been given a brief that asked us to explore the home and office work space, as the digital age is blurring the two spaces are being almost forced together, After my research I started designing a space that was multifunctional and customisable to different homes and different users. The final design allows the user to have their work space the way they want it.

j20 project

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This was a star pack completion brief where J2o had asked for a new bottle and brand design. Which allowed me to be as creative as I wanted and as you can see I have completely changed the design of the bottle and given it a new logo.