Wednesday, 12 October 2011

T-shirt Graphic

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This was a personal project of my own, I have intensions of printing this graphic on to a t-shirt in the future. keep an eye on this blog more designs to come

Poster work

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This is a poster i made for a close friend and there band All For The Fall on there last ever show, it was a promotion poster for a local venue called Hobos.

Rescue tube Re-Design final model

Rescue Tube Re-Design

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The rescue tube is one of the most commonly used pieces of life guarding equipment, yet it seemed to have it's flaws. It was difficult to use with small locking parts which become increasingly difficult when in contact with water. 
Tension from the float also made locking the device a challenge, a life guard mentioned to me that the product took some "practice and getting used to" that as a statement opened up and opportunity to design a new piece of equipment that is simply easier to use, lets not forget that this product is suppose to save lives.
The redesign of the rescue tube resulted in a complete radical rethink, new materials and modern design elements have allowed me to turn the product into something much simpler and more effective, with the user and the patient in mind. the result is a much more useable and sustainable product.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Life guard rescue tube Re-Design

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Some basic visuals of my idea for the new rescue tube , final visuals and prototype to come shortly

Thursday, 17 March 2011

3rd year minor project

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I  was inspired to design something with clean, simple lines but aesthetically pleasing. After starting my concept generation I decided I wanted to design a piece of modern furniture that would fit into a contemporary living space. I settled on designing a free standing lamp, I wanted to create a lamp that lit up in a creative and interesting way, my final design allowed light to escape through the tower creating unique shadows and flows of light.

Fresh West external design brief

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For this Project we had been given a brief that asked us to explore the home and office work space, as the digital age is blurring the two spaces are being almost forced together, After my research I started designing a space that was multifunctional and customisable to different homes and different users. The final design allows the user to have their work space the way they want it.

j20 project

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This was a star pack completion brief where J2o had asked for a new bottle and brand design. Which allowed me to be as creative as I wanted and as you can see I have completely changed the design of the bottle and given it a new logo.